Wednesday, January 6, 2010

H&M Destroys Unsold Clothe

NY Times published an article today about how the Manhattan H&M destroys their unsold clothe. Apparently the homeless people from around the area search there frequently looking for any wearable left overs to use. I mean ...How difficult is it for H&M to donate their unsold clothe?

I do understand that they might be protecting the brand but there must be a way around that. Now their getting tons of backlash in Twitter and I'm sure there's more to come from other types of media.

What are your thoughts on this? Will it affect your shopping there?

El NY Times publico un articulo hoy donde segun ellos la tienda H&M  de la ciudad de Manhattan destruye la ropa que no vende. Algunos vagabundos que rodan esa area acostumbran ir a los zafacones de la tienda y buscar entre la ropa rota a ver si encuentra algo bueno para ponerse...

No seria mas facil para H&M donar esta ropa algun shelter? Y entiendo que quizas lo hacen para proteger su marca, pero que les cuesta sentarse un dia y encontrar la manera de resolver eso, nose marcar las camisas como "donadas" o algo. Tanta gente con necesidad y ellos botando lo que no venden...

Hubiesen hecho esto y se hubiesen evitado el "baclash" que han tenido durante el dia de hoy en Twitter y el que esta por venir en los proximos dias de otros medios.

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  1. they should have just donated those clothes. what's the point of destroying them anyway?

  2. Its sad,very sad. But I mean this is all drama
    when you love something you never leave it,just like that. : /

    At least I have a big passion for everything artistic,fashion and stylish,something that H&M
    always reflects on clothes,so theres no reason I or anyone else should
    stop buying clothes from H&M,they're being pretty
    selfish and bitter by destroying the unsold clothes but fuck it,its H&M the cheapest way to dress to impress.

    I got a little bit too inpired. : )

  3. That totally sucks!! I know, just like you said, they are trying to "protect" their brand but finding alternatives to #1 not waste #2 help out others in need in the process can be achieved. Very sad!